fredag 28. september 2012

A Layout dedicated to my daughter

Last weekend I attended a scrapbooking event Trøndersaksa.
It was a lot of fun, and a lot of inspiration from 69 other ladies =)

I joined a course and made this LO which I dedicated to my daughter,
who is far away for 10 months. It's only 8 left!!!
She is an exchange student in Arizona and she
got the most lovely host family

Here are the result of the course with Mija as the teacher.

I couldn't get the right color on this picture, it's not as turquoise as it looks like..

It's an open space under the photo where she can put the journaling.

A self made flower...

I have memory as a goldfish ;) I thought I should remember
what I have used of paint and other texture stuff.
(I guess I have to ask Mija.)

I don't know if this idea was as smart as I thought it would be. LOL
Now I'm totally a fan of this dirty mix media stuff!!
It means I have to bought some new stuff, ups... Shhh, don't tell anyone! ;)
And if my daughter likes it I may have to make some
more Layouts from her exiting year in Arizona.
But that's just a kind of bonus!

Thanks for visiting!

Hugs from Anne

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  1. Takk for ei herlig helg !
    Denne er utrolig flott. Artig å leke seg med farger ! Håper du lager flere etter hvert :)
    Klem fra "søstersen"


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